Specialized Deep Cleaning

Specialized Deep Cleaning
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Houses get easily dirty due to the dusty and hot weather over the year. Also, there are hard to reach and even harder to clean areas in every home. So, you need thorough, effective, and detailed cleaning than normally performed to remove the dirt between the tiles, on the kitchen cabinets, grime on bathroom walls, etc., We are providing professional deep cleaning services in Dubai with advanced technology and equipment. Our expert cleaners will provide a top-to-bottom complete cleaning of your home with more attention to areas you may have forgotten to clean up over time.


Our deep cleaning services will remove all the bacteria and germs inside your house making it clean, sanitized, and sparkling like brand new, just the way you want it.  All the furniture and fixtures will be cleaned, making your house entirely safe, hygienic and guard your family against allergy. Also, regular deep cleaning of your home will give longer life to your furniture, paint and even your clothes.

Move in/out clean

Many of our customers opt to use our deep cleaning service when they move. Since the cleaning is so comprehensive, you can rest assured that your old home is ready to be handed over to the landlord or new owner. For your new home, the deep cleaning service will remove any dirt left from its previous occupant. Less stress, no mess.


Our deep cleaning professionals are:

Fully Equipped: Our staff will be at your doorstep with the necessary chemical, tools, and equipment to achieve first-rate deep clean. The staff is trained in using all the equipment required to carry out thorough deep cleaning.

Skilled and Capable: Deep cleaning is different from the normal cleaning because of its complexity and the outstanding results demanded. Thus, it demands special skills and abilities to bring out the best results possible. We have a special team of trained cleaners fully dedicated to deep cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

Experienced: When you book with us, the best deep clean professionals in Dubai will come to your place. They are experienced in the deep cleaning apartment, villas, and office in different conditions and able to bring the best results.

Reliable: The hiring process is very strict so that only reliable people are being hired. The honest customer ratings and reviews for our staff and service are proof of the experience we give our customers. When the deep cleaner is reliable you do not need to be worried about the safety and security of your property. They will take care of your place with sincerity.


What’s included in a deep clean?

Living room: We dust the ceiling fan, clean all the lampshades and light fixtures.  The windows, floors, and tiles are provided with extra care to make it clean. Our professionals do a thorough vacuuming of the carpets, upholstered furnishings, and floor mats to remove all the dust accumulated on the surface.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, we make sure that insides of cabinets, ovens, sides of the cooking area are well cleaned and spotless. Our cleaners focus on the spots and hard stains on the cabinet doors, underneath the sink and space over the cupboards. The fridge and oven are given special care to make it thoroughly clean. The steaming is used to remove the grease and oil from kitchen walls and cabinets.

Bathroom: We do cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. The tiles on the floor and walls are scrubbed by hard brushes to remove the dirt accumulated. Grout cleaning is done using a steaming machine if required. Also, we do spot clean doors and frames, wipe down baseboards, and window sills.

Bedroom: We do dusting of picture frames and door frames. All the electrical appliances, floors, and tiles are cleaned by dusting, mopping, and brushing. Our professionals also vacuum and flip the mattress, straightening and organizing beds, changing the linens if necessary.


We are committed to helping our customers to transform their house into a spotless and clean space by providing affordable deep cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.  Whether you require deep cleaning before or after any event, before holidays, or move-in or move-out cleaning, we completely got you covered. It’s recommended to have your apartment or villa deep cleaned in Dubai every six months to keep your home in good condition. If you think your place is dirty and you need a detailed deep clean from a professional deep cleaning company in Dubai, call us for the quote.



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